AGS Conducts Exhibition

An exhibition was organised at Abhinav Global School on 28 July 2018, Saturday. It was conducted in the Auditorium within the school premises.  Many students from the school displayed novel talents. The exhibition was organised with a focus of creating more awareness of science, technology, engineering, arithmetic, literature, art, history and culture. The Auditorium was adorned by the embellishments of students.

When we endeavour to stratify primal impressions of working for school exhibition, we find that our cardinal desire was to embolden students by arraying their flairs and work.

The live model of “Electric Generator” prepared by Prashant was a treat to the eyes for all. The model on Types of Soil by Shruti enhanced the wisdom of all. The “Madhubani Painting” by Kiran was ornamental for the exhibition. The “Snakes and Ladders of Adjectives” enraptured all. The Hindi and Mathematics models were informative and cardinal for the development of the students. The art work of Vineeta was intriguing.

The honorable Chairman, Dr. K K Bansal, appreciated and congratulated all the students for their profound and earnest efforts. The parents were delighted and extended their best wishes to all.

The achievements and kudos our students have won are notable. The exercise has escalated faculty’s profundity as well. This exhibition truly made life of students more interesting and meaningful.


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An exhibition was organised at Abhinav Global School on 28…
An exhibition was organised at Abhinav Global School on 28…