Our SSS : Student Support Services

Remedial Classes Time to time, the school provides remedial classes to the students on request of parents or the student.

These classes are then arranged on first and third Saturdays’ of the month.


The purpose of counseling is that students can freely express their academic, emotional and personal concerns to the concerned persons. Our counselor helps each and every child with any kind of issues he/she is facing in any of the areas concerned to child’s well-being. The school faculty also plays a major role in counseling of the students.

Special Educator

The main role of a special educator is to provide support which facilitates the participation of students in the regular classroom and give the suggestions to improve.

The role can be elaborated as:

  • To provide the necessary information to the classroom teacher prior to the child entering the general education classroom regarding the student’s position and medical concerns
  • To maintain contact with the assigned student’s parents or family
  • To maintain collaborative relationship and goodwill with general educators.

Very satisfied with teachers. The way they are making my daughter comfortable and shaping so beautifully. Big Thanks!

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