Pre Primary School

Academic/Curriculum – Integrated, enquiry based, challenging and theme based.

The Pre Primary curriculum at Abhinav Global School emphasizes that early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and whole person development. Each child’s learning interest needs and abilities are taken care of. We provide a diversified learning environment that gives sufficient learning opportunities which facilitate children to develop their intelligences. The holistic development of children can be fostered by means of play, meaningful life experiences as well as sensory, exploratory and other interesting activities.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive & Language Development
  • Affective & Social Development
  • Aesthetic Development
  • Numeracy and Logic
  • Character Education
  • Leadership and Team Building.

The schedule is as follows

  1. Attendance
  2. Circle time
  3. Calendar
  4. Weather
  5. First concept time
  6. Lunch
  7. Second concept time
  8. Song/ story/ games/ recap

Communication and language development are the prime focus that is taken care of. The children are given enough exposure to express themselves confidently. They are encouraged to explore the various material available in their discovery zone. Activities at this age are aimed at improving their communication skills, number, writing skills, gross and fine motor skills.

Typical day at AGS for our caterpillar usually starts with the daily prayer, discussing weather, calendar and then with activities and fun time with their peers. The basic idea is to make them independent. We help prepare the child develop his/her understanding of new concepts, language, vocabulary, and sensory motor skills.

Owning to the fact that our little AGS kids can surprise us almost every day by displaying their newly discovered skills, be it sequential thinking, communication skills, number and writing skills, appreciation of creative arts and confidence building.

The significance of this class is drawn from its name. Butterflies are known to be social beings that are extremely intelligent though they may see deceptively easy going. The energy they display can surprise anyone. Butterfly usual day starts with attendance, weather, calendar and involvement in activities based on the thematic curriculum. They experience the sense, touch, feel, see and smell. Every month they enjoy oration, show and tell activity, special assembly and role play which boosts up their creativity.

Very satisfied with teachers. The way they are making my daughter comfortable and shaping so beautifully. Big Thanks!

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