Annual Awards

  1. Academic Awards – Students, who perform exceptionally well, in their respective classes, are positioned I, II and III.
  2. Best Sports Person – The dedication of student to perform the best in respective choice of sports makes the best sports person amongst the rest.
  3. Highest Attendance Award – Being regular is one of the best motivations to achieve the choicest goals of one’s life and this nominees the student for the highest attendance award.
  4. Best Journalist – The budding journalist with a passion to collect news and information get recognition with the award.
  5. M.F. Hussain Award – The name itself reveals, M.F. Hussain, being the renowned artist of the millennium. This represents the award given for the best artistic work done in the field of drawing and painting.
  6. Best Handwriting – Handwriting is an essential skill as it activates the brain involving complex motor and cognitive skills. Students with clean and beautiful handwriting are the nominees for this award.
  7. Best Orator – English –The award for student who is well versed and confident in the speech to attract the pupil sitting as an audience.
  8. Best Orator – Hindi – The award for student who speaks Hindi, the national language fluently and with confidence.
  9. Ramanujan Award – The award to the student or young mathematician.
  10. Einstein Award – This award is for the recognition of scientific development. Students are judged through their performances in competitions, experiments and exhibitions.
  11. Sharp Mind Award – Students who are alert, observing and quick reactors are the ones who deserve the award.
  12. Best Singer – The one who sings the best either in the duet, chorus or in solo, with the perfect note, pitch and rhythm.
  13. Best Dancer – The students who dance with good expressions and body language are nominees for this award.
  14. Best Actor – Theatre is the best platform to show talent of acting, the best one is the recipient of the award.
  15. Best House– Amongst four houses, Steve Jobs, Thomas Alva Edison, APJ Abdul Kalam and Ramanujan, the one who wins maximum inter house competitions and showcases dedication to move their house on the top of the chart, wins the best house award.
  16. Abhinavian of The Year – The student, representing the school as an all-rounder, in scholastic, co-scholastic, co-curricular, sports, taking regular initiatives, is the one to be adjudged as Abhinavian of The Year.